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Meghan Howes DPT, PhD

Meghan Howes DPT, PhD

Physical Therapist

Meghan Howes DPT, PhD

Meghan Howes earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania followed by her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Her doctoral research at VT focused on impact and injury biomechanics with an emphasis on automotive safety. She then went on to complete her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Radford University. At Core, we call her Doctor Doctor Meghan!!

Meghan grew up just outside Pittsburgh, PA with three brothers and is a huge fan of all teams Pittsburgh-especially Penguins hockey! She is an all-around athlete. In high school, Meghan ran cross country and was a member of the swim team.  In college, she danced with the Bucknell Dance Company! She continues to love running and dance, and she also enjoys biking, playing volleyball, kayaking, and going for walks with her dog Callie.

Meghan has had several hip and knee injuries while playing sports and dancing. The physical therapists that helped her recover and return to the activities she loved inspired her to help others do the same. Meghan enjoys working with patients of all ages and backgrounds to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals and return to the activities they love.

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Core Physical Therapy Specializes In

Running Injuries

Running injuries are common whether you are a novice or competitive runner. Training errors, inappropriate footwear, mechanical faults, weakness or flexibility may be the issue. At Core Physical Therapy, we provide a comprehensive evaluation that addresses posture, strength, shoe wear, flexibility and range of motion. Your running will be videotaped and analyzed for mechanical faults. Following the exam, you will learn about potential causes for your pain and how to treat it with exercises, changes in shoe wear or specific suggestions on how to improve your running mechanics

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CrossFit Injuries

CrossFit has become extremely popular over the past twenty years. The program emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, and balance. Occasionally, Crossfit athletes suffer an injury due to training errors or improper technique. The physical therapists at Core are trained to assist CrossFit athletes by improving their technique or any deficits they may exhibit with strength, flexibility, or joint mobility. Videotape analysis may be used to break down movement patterns to better assist with improving technique.

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Student Athletes

Core Physical Therapy works with many student-athletes from Virginia Tech and the local elementary, middle, and high schools who injure themselves while participating in their sport. The athletic background of the physical therapists gives them a better understanding of what is required to return to competitive athletics. We treat overhead athletes such as volleyball, tennis, baseball, and softball players as well as gymnasts, runners, swimmers, bikers, and soccer players among others. Common injuries involve the shoulder, back, knee, and ankle. We try our best to accommodate the student-athletes schedule by offering early morning and late treatment hours.

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Post Surgery Rehabilitation

If conservative management is unsuccessful in relieving pain and disability, surgery may be an option. The quality of physical therapy following surgery will greatly impact recovery. At Core Physical Therapy, we take your recovery very seriously. We make it a point to understand what was done surgically and will communicate with the surgeon as needed. Common surgeries seen at Core include but are not limited to ACL reconstructions, meniscectomies, spinal fusions, discectomies, carpal tunnel repairs, labral repairs, rotator cuff repairs and joint replacements to the shoulder, knee, and hip.

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Dizziness | Vertigo | Balance Difficulties

The prevalence of falls increases with age. Vision, strength, sensation, and the inner ear (vestibular system) work together to maintain balance and equilibrium. If any of these systems are not functioning optimally, dizziness, and poor balance may result in increasing the risk of falls and severely impacting the quality of life. At Core Physical Therapy, an evaluation will be performed to determine the cause of the imbalance or dizziness. Treatment will be implemented to address the deficits to restore balance and resolve the dizziness.

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Breast Cancer And Lymphedema

The number of cancer survivors continues to increase in the USA due to better treatment. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. Cancer and the treatment for cancer may lead to problems such as scar tissue and mobility restrictions, weakness, cancer-related fatigue syndrome, cording (axillary web syndrome), and lymphedema (post-cancer edema). At Core Physical Therapy, we have a certified lymphedema specialist who is able to address these issues with lymphatic manual drainage, bandaging, exercises, manual work, stretching, and cardiovascular conditioning. 

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Other Members of the Core Physical Therapy Team

Brenda Miller MPT, OCS, CLT, CMTPT

Brenda Miller MPT, OCS, CLT, CMTPT

Owner & Physical Therapist

Brenda Miller is the founder and owner of Core Physical Therapy. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Pennsylvania State University, then completed her master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University in Glenside Pennsylvania.

Morgan Chocklett Corl DPT, OCS

Morgan Chocklett Corl DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist

Morgan Chocklett Corl earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Health Promotion from Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!!) and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Mary Baldwin University. She is thrilled to be back in Blacksburg and flaunt her maroon and orange!

Maria "Peti" Tibung, PT, DPT

Maria "Peti" Tibung, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Maria “Peti” Tibung earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University

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