About CorePT

Core Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Blacksburg, VA established by Brenda Miller, PT, MPT, OCS, CLT, CMTPT in July 2017. Brenda had a vision to create a clinic centering on complete patient care so patients can work toward their goals and get back to the things they enjoy!

At Core Physical Therapy, we treat the young to the elderly, the fit to the sedentary. Our patients range from the competitive athlete who is trying to achieve an improvement in performance, the weekend warrior who needs to recover from an injury, the non-athlete who wants to improve their fitness level all the way to the individual who just wants to be able to walk better. We treat each patient individually and listen to their desires so we can better assist them to achieve those desires.

At Core Physical Therapy, you will be paired with a licensed physical therapist who will take you from your initial evaluation through to your last appointment. We believe this continuity is what sets us apart from other physical therapy facilities. The ability to be thorough and have ample time to spend with each patient will allow us to get to the “core” of your problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Your treatment plan will be established after a thorough initial examination and your goals will be set. Your therapist will become very familiar with you and how you move throughout your stay, therefore your program will be constantly altered as your symptoms improve or change while closely monitoring your progress.

For more details on getting to our facility, see our contact page.